NOTE: These character descriptions may be edited to reflect recent events. If anyone wants to add in the characters from Season 1, feel free but, after doing so, make sure to add tags to the end of each description noting which part(s) of the game they're from.

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Nox Ordo
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Frederick Donstand: Also known as "Fred Don". Founder, owner, and Board of Director (BOD). Operates FAILTECH's Intelligence Department. Can be reached at

<< Status: In contact >>

Daniel Miller: BOD. One of our main contacts at

<< Status: In contact >>

Alex Sword: Also known as "Scimitar". Chairman of the BOD. Can be reached at

<< Status: In contact >>

LAINSY: AI that runs FAILTECH. Can be reached at Segmented into:

SCARLET : Fully automated, unscripted AI awareness functions; primary logic processing and systemwide control; guarantees that all actions adhere to the LAINSY AI LAWS
ARNOLD : Fully automated local hardware control and independent processing, hardware maintenance, diagnostics; ensures that SCARLET AI functions according to specifications and has the duty to disallow any action by SCARLET if deemed wrong according to system parameters
RUBY : EGS Primary control, secondary logic processing, DSN control, DSN communications, advanced functions that are within and beyond the DSN jurisdiction; ensures that all system operations adhere to protocols, guildelines, and standard procedures; fills in for SCARLET if she goes down or is locked out by ARNOLD
MARTIN : Out of EARTH hardware (including but not limited to the EGS and GRS) maintenance, guidance, diagnostics, and functions; DSN hardware control and independent systems maintenance, DSN subroutines processing; ensures that RUBY AI functions according to specification and has the duty to disallow any action by RUBY deemed invalid according to system parameters; provides access to all hardware for RUBY

Ryan Bruno: Part of the LAINSY Dev Team. Can be reached at

Patrice Heinz: Confirmed member of Shadow Guild. Also known as "Netspec". Employed as FAILTECH Support. Can be reached at

<< Status: In contact >>

Vrynnandt Shcherbakov: Also known as "Vir". Future Colony Commander of Alpha Colonization Project. Can be contacted in our time period at

<< Status: In contact >>

Scott Wellesley: Member of the Intelligence Department's Team Beta. Studying Duo Corp artifacts. Can be reached at

<< Status: In contact >>

Genus Orein: Head of Space Communications Research. One of our main contacts at

<< Status: Last known to be following stolen FAILTECH ship into black hole >>

Inno Ellis: External Contacts agent. In charge of our little group. Was reachable at

<< Status: Last known to have been sucked into the Void in place of Rifter >>

Micael Ajax: Future captain of the Pioneer. Accidentally sent back to our time from 2142. Unaware of his time travel.

<< Status: Lost contact >>

Charles Donstand: Future Chief Director of FAILTECH.

Althea Rosso: Team Leader for Team Epsilon of the Advanced Medical Solution Research Department in the Alberta Facility. Aware of and helped in our dealings with Nox Ordo during the Interlude. Was reachable at

<< Status: Last known to be detained at the FAILTECH Colorado Facility due to association (not consciously associating) with Nox Ordo >>

Daisuke Nakamura: Head of the AMSR department. "Recommended" us to Althea. Aware of the Interlude operation regarding Nox Ordo.

Nox Ordo (Order of Night)

A secret organization with technology far more advanced than even that of FAILTECH. Members are human but believe themselves to be “from the stars” and desire to return to the stars. An old organization, unknown about how far it dates back (we need to find this out!!), with very few members that know of its existence. Have infiltrated FAILTECH recently because of last year’s Afyg incident; they are trying to get a hold of FAILTECH’s resources/technology in order to execute their plan. Plan is currently still unknown.

Known families: Maximus (current lead family), Garcia, Smith, Chan,[1] Testa, and Valesco.[2]


Gregor Maximus: Confirmed member of the Maximus family. CEO of Maximum Security Industries. Claims to have masterminded (along with others) the course of events regarding FAILTECH.

<< Status: In contact >>

Xavier Smith: Listed on Nox Ordo Archives as a member of Nox Ordo. Current FAILTECH employee who claims to not be involved with Nox Ordo.

<< Status: In contact >>

James Barron: Confirmed member of the Smith family. Also known as "Bars". Infiltrated FAILTECH, employed from November 2007 to February 2012 as a researcher.

<< Status: Dead >> [3]

Joseph Dillinger: Affiliate recruited by Barron for current Nox Ordo plan. Also known as "Junior". FAILTECH employee since September 2010 as a researcher.

<< Status: Suspected to be on stolen ship >>

Billy Chan: Confirmed member of the Chan family. Also known as "Bills". Infiltrated FAILTECH, employed since 1999 as a researcher.

<< Status: Suspected to be on stolen ship >>

Matthew Johnson: Confirmed member of the Testa family. Also known as "Maths". Managed Nox Ordo Archives. Infiltrated FAILTECH, employed since 2003 as an engineer.

<< Status: Under custody of Dan Miller >>

Pablo Jose: Confirmed member of the Garcia family. Also known as "Pub". Infiltrated FAILTECH, employed since 2001 as an engineer. No known relation between Pablo Jose and Pedro Jose (former BOD of FAILTECH).

<< Status: Last seen at FAILTECH Alberta facility >>

Rifter (Kaido Yonwin): Appeared/summoned from his “void," sought Nox Ordo. Mostly human with the ability to impersonate other people, traverse time and space by "jumping" rifts, and "re-write physics at a localized area" (a.k.a. renovo). He and other Rifters live in a "terrfaromed" (for lack of a better word) section they set up in the Void.

<< Status: Disappeared after impersonating Maths >>

Nathan Book: Chief Operating Officer of Cliffside Labs. Can be reached at
<< Status: In contact >>

Joshua Espina: Stole Cliffside's HTS variant and related equipment. Recently employed at Cliffside as a security officer, briefly employed at FAILTECH in the 1990s. Can be reached at

<< Status: Under custody of Alexander Sword >>

Skyfall: Member of Oriru Serku. Has returned from the future to assist but was pulled out after the start of Nox Ordo's Phase 3. Knows about Rifters. Doesn’t know about Nox Ordo, but might have access to Oriru Serku files. As reached at

<< Status: Lost contact to high risk of an altered timeline due to current events >>
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