"There has never been a name for 45459. He is a nameless entity who has only been deligated one task and that is to carry out information from one cycle to another. We're already on the seventh, and of course that's already nearly hundreds of millenias that has passed and erased as a new cycle begins. Due to the nature of human evolution, humans are the best way to transport information from one cycle to another. Humans have evolved with better DNA structures than any other lifeform in the known universe. Due to DNA's capability to store information that can be passed from one generation to another, it allows seamless and nearly invisible transfer of information from those who wish to misuse the information contained within. And that's where Winston and his organization comes in. They plan to protect the Jhuku from harm and do their best to make sure the Jhuku can keep up with his obligations. Of course, we still have to determine what the mistake was during the second cycle which makes any cycles from that point and further to result in failures."

~ Genus Orein


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