"Ahhh, I see they're wanting to get involved now... The Oriru Serku is THE organization/council that Winston works for. Pretty much, they are the destined ones who have started this cycle in the first place in attempt to save everyone from the catastrophe. They are the ones who "created" the Jhuku. Well, at least that's what Winston says.

Anyhow, We still haven't got a clue on what this skyfall is. I'll have to ask around and investigate.

Oh, and as a side note, the real name of the language is Vovexill. It's more or less a standardized language that has resulted in the merging of all races in the future. I can go on explaining how that happened, but I'm handling a small trouble here at my hand right now. I'm nearly done the convestion program and it should be available soon."

~ Genus Orein


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