They say, there was once a calamity the struck this unverse and threatened the existence of everything in it. The stars, planets, galaxies, life, dead, time, space, and everything else. Will end. The best of the best from the best races formed an alliance. They decided that if they can't stop this calamity from happening this time, why can't they instead try again and see if the next time around they can figure out what's wrong and prevent this from happening.

Amongst the different races, only one can pass through and pass over the information from generation to generation so that each pass will get better and better. Hopefully, at a certain point the calamity can be prevented.

This legend was passed over by the one selected to hold the information on the second pass. However, in that instance, they failed and had to do another pass. However a mistake was made. No one knew exactly what was the mistake. However, it's effects can be felt for each pass. We're on the seventh. This legend will continue and the calamity will still persist until the bearer is found.


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