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This wiki chronicles the events of the Alternate Reality Game FAILTECH and the characters appearing therein. Anybody with confirmable knowledge of the game may edit and add to these pages.

Need to catch up? Visit the Timeline or Season 2 depending on how much you missed! Also, feel free to ask in the Unfiction thread for further clarification or information!

Current News (March 11, 2013)

  • File mentioned on MaxSec is obtained by Adiu here
  • Future-Genus currently in custody of a Matthew Johnson from a point in time different from ours
  • CSL-RP (Cliffsides's HTR variant) still in the wild with 15 containers unaccounted for
    • Recent cases in New York, Toronto, Miami, and Detroit
  • Gregor Maximus' 15 locations still undetermined here
  • Investigation into Duo Corp artifacts underway with special interest in Satus Novus
  • Unsolved cipher here

Background Info

The game FAILTECH began in the summer of 2011 with what seemed like a very small adventure exploring a crippled website. It has since grown into a massive universe full of secret organizations, alien races and advanced technology. For the full recap, you can see but be warned, it is INCREDIBLY long.

This wiki is a chronicle of events starting at the end of Season 1, entering what is being called the interlude. If anyone would like to undergo the huge task of adding in S1, please, go ahead.

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