Maximum Security Industries, often referred to as MaxSec, is a government-contracted security grounp led by CEO Gregor Maximus.[1] Their current website is

Level Access[]

Level 1

An email from Adiu, the automated caretaker of the Nox Ordo Archives, provides his outdated login information for Nox Ordo Systems. Entering the login information into the MaxSec website grants level 1 access.

Adiu says: [2]
I seem to be having difficulties access the systems using the connections available on my end. I do not know if you can figure it out for, but there is a way to reactivate the connection through the other end. I have an old login for Nox Ordo Systems, but it doesn't seem to be responding or is valid.

username: remobak
password: kudos

I'll leave it to you to figure it out and maybe get a line to work for me.

Level 2, Level 3

One of the documents from Level 1 provides a clue for the level 2/level 3 login information.

!readme says: [3]
Welcome to Maximum Security Industries!

Hello Adiu. Your reconnection has been detected and authorized.
Your requested patch through has been granted.

Within 24 hours Level 2 access will be provided for manual login.
System backup protocols access granted.

Your operator login will be:
Upon his death in 467, he was burried in the city he took away its
inhabitants and moved to Leontini. However, his grave was then
destroyed when the inhabitants returned to the city. Who is he?

His father will be the key.

Login information: Spoilers

Username: hieroi
Password: deinomenes