The Afyg

According to Genus Orein, the Afyg are humans from the future whom has been isolated from the rest of humanity due to their misbehaviour. Their planet has been locked out pushing the Afygs to live on their own independently and completely isolated from the rest of humanity. Because of this, they have grown to hate humanity and has set themselves to take their revenge to those whom imprissoned them in their own planet. In their attempt to break the lockout of their planet, they accidentally sent themselves back in time to a state where humanity was still about the rise to power. No definite date or era has been stated, but it is known to predate FAILTECH itself. Because of this, the Afyg decided to eliminate humans at this point in time to take their revenge on the younger human race.

The accidental time travel has also accidentally brought a nearby planet back in time along with the Afyg. However, this group of humans from the future has chosen to be of a neutral side regarding what the Afyg is doing.

In the end of the battle against the Afyg, Oriru Serku has assisted because their best interest is in danger and that they are in pursuit of a dangerous criminal that has been assisting the Afyg all along.