Core Mythos

The core mythos is about the company, FAILTECH, itself. FAILTECH was established in 1990 by Fredrick Donstand, Daniel Miller, and Genus Orein. However, they have already previously banded together and formed the Advanced Science Research Group (ASRG) in 1982. Daniel Miller has stated that Fredrick Donstand and him hired Genus Orein fresh from post-secondary studies to work for them under ASRG. It implies that Daniel Miller and Fredrick Donstand are older than Genus Orein. Based on the given dates, it is presumed Genus Orein is in his 20s during the ASRG period. It is safe to assume that Genus Orein is still in his 20s when ASRG was re-established FAILTECH in 1990. Daniel Miller stated that Fredrick Donstand then got married after FAILTECH is established, whom are now probably in their 30s.

According to Genus Orein, he learns that the establishment of FAILTECH is non-coincidental but rather programmed into his, and the founders' DNA. He explains that FAILTECH's core objective is to speedily generate and discover technology to protect humankind from the Afyg. It is still unclear where in the human history has the Afyg been manipulating human history in either a positive way (by the seperatist group that Genus Orein was able to make friends with) or in a negative way (by the core Afyg group that has bound themselves for revenge against humans)

Currently, we are tackling another mysterious group called Nox Ordo. According to Skyfall, the Nox Ordo is a part of the Oriru Serku whom assisted in the combat against the Afyg. According to Skyfall, it appears that due to how far in the past the original Nox Ordo has been sent back in time, the Nox Ordo has lost their true purpose and forgotten what their real objective is.