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Oriru Serku

The Oriru Serku is an organization from the far future, and possibly much more farther in the future than the Afyg, that is composed of various civilizations across the universe (humans included).

The Oriru Serku created the Jhuku which is their so-called savior for an impending apocalypse that is still ahead of the Oriru Serku itself. They have stated that the apocalypse will wipe out the universe, or something of such extent. The Jhuku is a carrier of information that crosses a "cycle" of rfesets of the universe.

It has been hined across the game that we are on the seventh cycle. It has also been stated that during the second cycle, a problem has been encountered but it has never been specified or what its effects are against the subsequent cycles. Each cycle reset requires the Jhuku to be at a particular location as only he has the capability to remember the past and carry knowledge for the next cycle.

A lot is still unanswered regarding the Oriru Serku, the Jhuku, and the far future apocalypse.

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