External Agent Training

We were sent to join a Medical Research team as Online Volunteers as preparation for corporate espionage against Cliffside Labs, a company that FAILTECH employees leaked info to during the chaos of Season 1. Team headed by Althea Rosso.

First assignment: write a one paragraph report on the effects of protein on muscle tissue. Perhaps a hint at the nature of the research.

Second assignment: Test external access to Intranet File Storage. Access works, but there are permission errors. Task completed in attempt to convince Althea (discretely) to give me L2 access.

Secondary tasks are given by Inno. The first of which is to look into the AWOL of a certain James Barron who was last seen at the Alberta Facility and was working with a Joseph Dillinger on the muscle nanobots project. The second was to investigate a discrepancy in Team Epsilon's logs noted by Team Zeta. Turns out there has been an odd systems error where LAINSY states that the files never even existed. This goes back for years' worth of data.

In response to this situation, Inno adjusted the team's goals.

In addition, Althea provided the name and email address of the department head and raised the login used to test the ext. IFS to L3 clearance.

With this clearance, a file was found in the L1 directory of the mysterious "proto" folder. It appears to be a collection of encryption keys in the form of Latin sentences. May be naught but Lorem Ipsum. Confirmed.

Inno gives us new tasks to figure out what's going on. He wants us to investigate Dillinger and figure out what happened to the files, as well.

It was found that Barron edited the file on the 25th, revealing that he is still somewhere active on base.

James Barron posted strange messages on the Intranet site. Reason to believe they are encrypted.

We have gained L7 clearance.

Althea seems to have been the root of the file problem. She moved all the files to some other location on January 16th. LAINSY has provided additional information which seems to make the proposition that she was framed a more difficult one to prove.

However, Environmental Control reports that CO2 emissions in the room were more consistent with an additional FOUR people being present at the time of the transfer.

Also, another department is reporting a similar problem. No leads on their end.