It All Started

Cliffside's site changes to hint that the site will be back up soon. A note is found in the source leading to Itallstarted.

Itallstarted holds a vague, corrupted error message and an empty questions page.

Genus reports that he is ready to use his time machine and that the touchstone has been stolen. Rifter reports that it is unusual for him to be in this century as he usually lands between 3310 and 4385 AD.

Daniel Miller discovers Rifter and tries to get him to help. He also reports that Inno would be able to learn to rift when/if he returns from the Void.

Nox Ordo intercepted a transmission from FAILTECH: Cliffside's new site is up (although still a bit incomplete) and advertizing something that seems to be the failed HTR Agent, somehow perfected. It was stolen by Cliffside.

Genus sets out to colonial America to look for the Nox Ordo's roots.

Skyfall seems to have found out that the Nox Ordo is a lost group of Oriru Serku sent back in time for unknown reasons. They have forgotten their mission and drifted into superstition after breaking apart.

Daniel begins doing experiments on Rifter to find out more about rift jumping. Rifter is mostly human, but the Void apparently "changes you from within." They live in a "terrfaromed" (for lack of a better word) section they set up.

Itallstarted (IAS) seems to be a form of advanced distress signal somehow rendering as a webpage. It is being transmitted by Captain Micael Ajax of the Pioneer, who was on the way to colonize a planet 10.43 LY away from the Sun when he somehow got sucked back in time from the year 2142 (though he doesn't exactly believe it). He is trying to contact a Charles Donstand, a future chief director of FAILTECH, whom the ship belongs to. His messages eventually manage to reach our LAINSY. Skyfall isn't too worried. Seems the event that sent the Pioneer back in time was some kind of magnetic storm.

Due to depleted power cores, the Pioneer resorts to shutting down life support, although questions on the IAS Ask page are still being answered by "an electronic copy of Micael Ajax," which contains Micael's knowledge up to the end of the copying process.