Season 2

An Alexander class ship was stolen from the Failtech space facility and flown into space with Genus in pursuit. Genus followed the ship to the last known location of the Pioneer, where an electromagnetic disturbance (black hole) had appeared.

We were contacted by Cliffside Laboratories CEO, Nathaniel Book, seeking help regarding the theft of their HTR variant, TRA-21. We were able to reach the thief, Joshua Espina, by email and organize his capture with the help of Alex Sword. Espina revealed that a programming module for TRA-21, antidote source for TRA-21, and 22 containers of TRA-21 were stolen, but he was in possession of only 7 containers.

We were also contacted by FAILTECH’s Intelligence Department through Scott Wellesley and Fred Don. They were conducting research on artifacts obtained from the merger with Duo Corp. In an earlier email, Espina expressed interest in a particular artifact called Satus Novus, which was confirmed to be part of the FAILTECH artifact collection.

The website It All Started returned with log entries from future Colony Commander Vrynnandt Shcherbakov of the year 2149 (now 2150 as of our year 2013). He is in charge of FAILTECH’s Alpha Colonization Project, which also included the Pioneer. The disappearance of the Pioneer delayed the progress of the project, but a colony eventually was established on the designated planet, now called Anfang. Later on, an unknown man wearing a FAILTECH uniform was found unconscious in the colony.

Continuing our investigation into Nox Ordo, we gained limited access to the Nox Ordo Archives, of which the automated caretaker Adiu is in charge due to the absence of Matthew Johnson. We also met Gregor Maximus, who is part of the organization’s head family and claimed to have masterminded (along with others) the course of events regarding FAILTECH. Having monitored our access of the archives, he eventually decides to remove our access.

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